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Instructional video of how to install your modern house numbers on a stucco wall.

With your order, you'll receive our custom-made modern house numbers/letters, threaded aluminum studs, 1/2 inch aluminum spacers (which give your numbers that "floating" look), pre-printed mounting template, and printed instructions on an easy step-by-step process for installing your modern house numbers.

The below Instructional video demonstrates how to install aluminum powder coated letters on an office wall. Please note that these letters are mounted flush on the wall. No spacers were used.

Installation Instructions

Step 1
Tape the paper mounting template to the desired location and use a level to align template. Drill holes according to marks on the template - use 3/16" drill bit

Step 2
Screw in the threaded studs into the back of the number.

Step 3
Slide spacers over studs and apply epoxy or clear silicone to the end of the stud.

Step 4
Push number into the mounting holes.

How Our Modern House Numbers are Made.